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5 Top Reasons to Bundle TV, Internet and Phone

Here’s a free tip that will help you save money for the rest of your life!

Now that I have your attention…

It is ALWAYS best to bundle, or group, TV, Internet and phone bills together. The

more you buy, the more you save…over purchasing television, Internet and

phone services separately. But bundling is a simple, quick and painless way to

save money. We live in a digital age where almost everyone has a computer,

smartphone, tablet, digital TV subscription and Internet provider. Group all those

into one convenient bill, and bundling can save you big bucks!

Here are five ways bundling Internet, TV and Wifi services saves you money.

1. Bundling services together gives you more products for less money

You could waste your nights searching the Internet, blindly, trying to discover the

best deals on cable TV, Internet, wireless and home phone. Even *if* you did

manage find the best price for Internet, the best price for cable television and the

best price for a mobile phone, and purchased each service individually, it would

*still* cost you more than bundling them all together. It’s always better to bundle

everything into one package…with one simple bill to pay each month!

2. Bundling can earn you big bonuses

Now that you know bundling is free, fast and easy, let me tell you about added

bonuses when you bundle. Some companies offer bonus perks to customers

who bundle their subscriptions. For example, a customer bundles several

services to save money, such as TV, Internet, wireless and home phone. Some

Internet providers will give them an additional 100 GB/month on their home

internet service, a free cable box rental, or unlimited long-distance calling with

their home phone. Bundling = bonuses!

3. Bundling brings access to Extra Services…at no extra cost

Some people work better as a team…and so do some digital services. For

example, when customers combine their digital TV subscription with their home

phone, they might become eligible for a service called “TV Call Display.” If they

subscribe to cable TV with wireless phone, they might be able to watch TV shoes

on their tablet. You BOTH get to watch the show you want!

4. Bundling saves you time

Sure, it’s your prerogative to waste your nights searching the Internet, desperate

to discover the best deals on Internet, cable TV and wireless phone service. It’s

your option to order separate services from separate companies, and then waste

even more time managing lots of separate, monthly bills. Bundling services gets

you one quick, and easy, monthly bill to pay. In addition, anytime you need to

update your services, have a question, or, God help you, a problem, you only

need to call one service provider for cable television, Internet access, wireless

phone and home phone. One and done is way more fun!

5. Bundling is customizable…Build a Custom Bundle

Bundling does NOT mean paying for things you don’t need. Bundle your services

ala carte, choosing your cable television channels, wireless phone data plan and

Internet access, to build your bundle. You are now the proud parent of a baby

bundle. And, you can change your choices to grow your bundle as you grow!

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