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Last Week +/- This Week
Internet+TV+Phone $132.59/mo. up $132.93/mo.
Internet+TV $91.63/mo. up $93.81/mo.
Internet+Phone $60.82/mo. up $60.98/mo.
TV+Phone $109.88/mo. down $109.84/mo.
Internet Package ? Last Week +/- This Week
20+ Mbps $55.82/mo. up $56.28/mo.
16-20 Mbps $42.99/mo. down $42.99/mo.
11-15 Mbps $79.46/mo. down $79.46/mo.
Less than 10 Mbps $50.60/mo. up $50.71/mo.
Number of Channels ? Last Week +/- This Week
300+ $107.26/mo. down $107.26/mo.
200 – 300 $67.75/mo. down $67.03/mo.
100 – 200 $43.82/mo. down $43.17/mo.
Less than 100 $34.99/mo. down $34.99/mo.
Last Week +/- This Week
Phone Rates $28.23/mo. down $28.19/mo.
Last Week +/- This Week
Natural Gas Rates $0.57/therm down $0.57/therm
Electricity Rates 10.09¢/kWh down 10.08¢/kWh
Last updated: 10/18/2015

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Bundles are Good for Your Body, Mind and Pocketbook

Bundles are clinically proven to be good for your health. Ok, not really but bundling your phone, TV and Internet with one company can save you money, time and a lot of aggravation — now that does sound healthy.

  • Save Money – You can save hundreds of dollars a year by purchasing a bundle. Phone, cable and Internet companies offer special low-cost pricing on bundles as an incentive for you to purchase two or more services.
  • Save Time – Connecting your Internet, phone and TV service from one company means you only need to maintain a relationship with one company. You will also have the convenience of getting only one monthly bill.
  • Less Aggravation – If you need to have someone come out to your home you only have to call one company. You will be choosing from the nation’s top companies in your area so you will not sacrifice quality.
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