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5 Benefits of Bundling: A Convenient Way to Save on Home Services

Juggling three or more home services from several companies can add up to one giant headache. The solution to this problem may be as easy as getting all your services from the same company.

Phone, cable and Internet companies are rolling out the red carpet for bundled services, offering customers a triple threat of their most popular phone, Internet and TV packages at a very cost-effective price. One convenient monthly bill? Check. Couple the simplicity of one, easily manageable bill with saving hundreds of dollars per year, and it’s no wonder that companies are going bundle crazy.

Benefits of Bundling
The following 5 reasons are why bundling makes it easy to switch, transfer or connect all of your home services at once:
1. Convenience – We’ll go with the obvious first: Phone, TV, Internet and more on one, easy-to-manage monthly bill.
2. Save Money – Bundling two or more services together from the same company means more incentives. Phone and cable companies often bundle long distance, local phone, TV and Internet in one package—or several combinations of two or more services—that can save hundreds of dollars per year.
3. One Company, One Package – Rather than hassle with multiple phone calls, multiple services and multiple bills to manage every month, enjoy maintaining a relationship with one company.
4. Best of the Best – Companies literally roll out the incentives for their best bundles, offering a range of popular features like unlimited local and long distance calling, faster download speeds, digital cable with HD service and premium programming, video on demand and more.
5. Availability – the number of companies offering bundles is growing rapidly each year, and with companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Qwest and more offering bundles in several areas across the country, it’s likely that a variety of services and incentives will help keep families connected.

If you are interested in ordering a bundled package, you should take extra time to research all available companies and services in your area. Pay close attention to your calling habits, how much TV you watch, whether premium movie channels are a must have and whether you will be a casual Internet user, or demand higher bandwidth and faster downloads for large files. Bundles can save you a ton of money and time if you are careful to seek out the exact package that best fits your individual needs.

Trusted Companies that Offer Bundles

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